Privacy Policy

Clickomedia Technologies operates an Instagram management service called “Social Boost”, which can be accessed on the Internet at the URL With Social Boost users can purchase activity on their social media accounts, which promotes the reach of a profile by generating followers, likes, views, etc.

In operating our website (hereinafter referred to as “website”) we process the social media account name provided by you which is pubic data. We do not ask for any confidential information like passwords to the respective accounts.

In operating our website, we process the account data actively provided when submitting your order which is the social media account name/ handle that you provide when using our service.

Your data will be processed exclusively by us and will not be sold, lent or passed on to third parties. When we make use of external service providers to process your order, this is done within the framework of so-called order processing.

The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer necessary for the purpose of their collection. Your order details will not be shared to any third party.

To process your payment, personal data will be forwarded to one of the external payment service providers (payment gateway) as selected by you in the course of your order.

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