8 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022

Instagram followers are more than just numbers – they are members of your online community.

That said, growing on Instagram can help you increase traffic to your site, make more sales, or even turn you into a trendsetting influencer.

If you want to get more Instagram followers this year, here are 14 proven strategies to try on your account:

1. Tap into Instagram Reels 
2. Optimize your post captions for search

3. Curate your profile for a strong first impression
4. Invest in your hashtag strategy
5. Host an Instagram giveaway
6. Collaborate with influencers and brands
7. Create highly-shareable content (including memes)
8. Have a clear value proposition

#1: Tap Into Instagram Reels

If you’re not sharing Instagram Reel yet, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to grow you follower count.

Unlike most of the Instagram experience, viewers in the Reels feed are served high interest content from broth users they follow, and users they don’t. 

This means the Reels you create can easily reach far beyond your follower list – helping to increase your visibility and grow your follower count. 

For the best results:

  • Use keywords and hashtags in your Reels captions that accurately describe your video content
  • Use trending sounds
  • Keep your Reels short and snappy to encourage repeat views
  • Create original content
  • Add on-screen text for viewers watching without sound
  • Aim for high-quality video footage (rather than uploading content with a Tik-Tok watermark)

#2: Optimize Your Post Captions for Search

Optimizing your Instagram posts for search is a major Instagram hack for growing your following. Following a recent update from Instagram, English-speaking users in 6 countries are now able to search Instagram using keywords.

#3: Curate Your Profile for a Strong First Impression

Having a  well planned Instagram feed , that clearly showcases your niche, is key for converting profile visitors into followers. When someone lands on your profile, you want them to instantly understand what your account is all about.

To create a consistent aesthetic that supports your brand, use a visual planner tool to curate your Instagram grid before you post.

#4: Invest in a Hashtag Strategy

Instagram Hashtags are one of the biggest tools for growth at your disposal, and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

After looking at over 18M Instagram feed posts, we discovered that reach rate increases by 11% (from 24% to 35%) as the number of hashtags grows from one to 30. 

To put that in perspective, for an account with 20K followers, that’s an additional 2.2K accounts reached per post. 

If you need inspiration on which hashtags to use, check out Later’s Hashtag Suggestion 

#5: Host an Instagram Giveaway

If you want to grow your following fast, hosting an Instagram giveaway can be one of the most effective tactics.

With the right strategy, you can reach thousands of potential new followers, all while building a stronger sense of community around your brand.

#6: Collaborate with Influencers and Brands 

Collaborating with likeminded influencers and brands is a major win-win. You’ll be able to benefit from brand association and tap into a new pool of potential followers.

The best news? Collaborations don’t have to break the bank. Some of the most effective partnerships are simple and mutually beneficial.

#7: Create Highly-shareable Content (Including Memes)

When it comes to organically reaching new audiences, creating shareworthy content is a great place to start.

Inspirational quotes, informative carousel posts, and on-trend memes are all tried-and-tested formats – and it only takes one viral post to reach thousands of people.

#8: Have a Clear Value Proposition

Would you walk into a shop if you had no idea what it sold? Probably not, right?

Well, the same principle applies to your Instagram account. 

Having a clear value proposition (whether it’s styling tips, inspirational quotes, or lifestyle content) is essential for converting visitors to your profile into followers

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